Developer Update (Gold): Simon Jiang - Week 6

Coming back from PAX Australia, there's a pile of work that has been building up to be done. Most of this is to do with visual polish with new particles and decals to be added. I took on jobs related to the character and the weapon drones, but also added a few of the boss VFX. Specifically, the game now has muzzle flash and overheat particles on all drones, as well as bullet hit particles on terrain. The Cobalt drone spawns very nice looking decals on its primary and secondary fires. 

Another thing I've been busy with this week is working on our application form for Media Design School's accelerator programme. This is a very important objective for us, as making it into the programme will allow us to continue development on the game for another 3 months without any serious costs. We have to make sure our application is as succinct as it possibly can be.

Clockwork Giants