Developer Blog (Gold) - Chris Stone Week 7

This week was about half and half working on the game and working on documentation/our presentation for accelerator. On Monday I worked on a proper end game sequence, where the screen fades to black, a message displays saying "thank you for playing, more content coming soon", then shows our names as credits one by one. Once this is finished, the game returns to the main menu. This is triggered when the player enters the third boss arena.

On Tuesday I worked on my post mortem that we have to do for the personal submission part of the post production brief. It took me pretty much the whole day, but I managed to finish it. On this day I also worked on a small third boss cut-scene, using the unfinished model that we currently have. This is meant just as a teaser for players, so that they get excited about what's coming next in the game.

On Wednesday and Thursday we spent most of our time working on our presentation for the accelerator program, as we had to pitch our game to a panel of four judges, who will decide who gets into the program. We tried quite hard, using those two days to create a good presentation, and in the end I think we got it right. I was not there for the presentation on Friday because I had work, but from what I heard we did excellently, so I am very proud of the team.

Next week is the last week, and we have to submit everything by about half way through the week if I remember correctly. We have just a tiny bit more to do on the actual game itself, and then it's just the remaining documentation until we're all finished. Then we just have to wait until we hear back from accelerator to find out if we get to continue on with this game.

Clockwork Giants