Developer Update (Gold): Simon Jiang - Week 4

It's the week of Armageddon! Much of this week was focused on liaison for the event and making sure that our build of Introspect was ready to show off to the public. We made changes to the version we had so that it made showcasing easier. This is mainly done by having the game start the player in the central hub, skipping the tutorial as we could teach them while they play. 

Personally, I was making sure the squid's tentacles were working properly. I had to make sure the island tentacles were dying and were spawning lightning when islands were destroyed. This process actually took a few days to fully complete. I also fixed a bug with the super jump going into a ledge climb immediately after the action is performed. After completing these tasks, I had to revamp the projectile and explosion system as it was overdue for a rework. The system had been in place since the prototyping phase and had been rushed out without much thought. I made it so that the system was more intuitive to work with. On the side, I added attenuation to many newly imported sounds, and also particle effects to weapons. During all of this work I was still fixing issues that cropped up with the island tentacles now and again. On Friday we made a build of the game that we believed was suitable for showcasing and headed off to Armageddon.

Clockwork Giants