Developer Update (Gold): Simon Jiang - Week 2

Coming into this week, I wanted to focus my attention on completing the second boss ASAP so that we can get some playtesting feedback on it before we showcase it at Armageddon and PAX Australia. I spent an entire day trying to solve the issue of how I am going to implement the Squid's island tentacles, and found the solution of doing angular cloth physics. However, instead of working on the island tentacles immediately, the higher priority task I need to work on is fixing the regular tentacles. All of the animations were not working as intended, and abilities did not actually hit the player. This process actually took longer than expected, as rewriting the code so that it would work and then tweaking it so it felt nice was a lengthy task. 

There were also some small tasks that I did as well. This included adding an arrow decal to point players in the right direction, tweaking lighting and fog, adding dust particles, disabling auto exposure, and fixing player materials.

Clockwork Giants