Developer Update (Gold): Mark Croucher Week 2

So this week, I have been mainly looking into the second boss fight 'Discarded Host' and looking for all the small details that need touching up, and all the important mechanics which need a little attention. The state of this boss fight is very rough, but hopefully with this weeks changes, we can start to see this fight turn into a real introspect experience.

Starting with the drones. During phase 1, their presence does not feel big enough. The other main threat during this time being the tentacles, they have gaps between their attacks, so all the other mechanics during this time become more noticeable, and the drones just were not making enough of an appearance. To solve this, I changed the way that the group of line drones spawn, they now spawn more frequently, the catch is that the duration of time they will be present is random, adding some balanced chaos into the mix. I will definitely be looking for feedback on this part during play tests.

The second task at hand is to make the mine laying drones more constant, providing a great threat over time. This is both for first and second phase for both filling in the gaps, and to add a layer of deadliness to the ground floor.

The tasks for week 3 will be looking into balancing and play testing the boss, tweaking whatever is needed to make the fight feel as good as possible for our upcoming events.


Additionally, this week I did a lot of background work to the bosses, giving them hit scan functionality which works for each component of the boss! This will allow our other weapons to feel a lot smoother.

Clockwork Giants