Developer Update (Gold): Chris Stone - Week 2

This week was actually a very productive one, which was pleasantly surprising to me considering how the week before went. I was going to move on to weapon revamping and UI, but the rest of the team agreed that it would be better to set out to fix the problems I struggled with last week instead. On Monday, I was finally able to figure out how to make the post processing outline support multiple colours, after struggling to find support online. This meant I could then highlight the weak points on the boss in red, while keeping the grappleable objects highlighting in blue. I also then highlighted weapon pickups with a gold color to make it more noticeable.

On Tuesday I revisited the saving and loading, deciding to strip everything to do with saves and build it again from the ground up. I did this, and it worked without crashing. The unfortunate thing is that when I closed the project and reopened it, it then crashed. I had no idea why, because it worked in editor just fine. So I had to revert the changes I had spent the whole day making and went home feeling sad.

I spent the next day at home painfully retrying to do what I did the day before bit by bit, testing at every step to see what was making it crash. It turned out to be an Unreal Engine problem, nothing even to do with saving and loading. It was the fact that I included a variables of type map inside a structure, and for some reason UE4 didn't like that. I found a workaround though, and got everything working. This also fixed the error with the shipping build where it wouldn't go past the main menu. I figured that this might fix that, and I wasn't disappointed. The only problem is that the shipping build runs at about 10 fps, so we need to fix that ASAP.

I spent Thursday revisiting the player health bar, changing it from four separate bars to a single bar, and adding a shaking animation for when the play takes damage. I also created a post processing effect where the screen goes a little blurry and red for a split second when the player takes damage. I spent a good two hours getting this perfect, and we all think it looks perfect.

Clockwork Giants