Developer Update (Gold): Chris Stone - Week 5

Last weekend we had the Armageddon Expo, and this weekend we are showing at PAX Australia, so I spent the last few days making some minor fixes for the PAX build, and then adding some extra features. These included adding a glow to the teleporters once the respective weapon has been picked up, fixing some menu interactions, among other things

The new features that I worked on were a click and drag system for equipping weapons, and new options. The click and drag system didn't go exactly to plan, due to yet another UE4 bug. So instead of holding down the left mouse button and dragging, the user has to click once, then move the weapon to the equip slot, and click again. This system works, but is not ideal, so I will try to revisit it at some point to try to fix it. As for the options, I removed the post processing slider, as I felt it was unnecessary, and added a full screen toggle, resolution options, and a gamma slider, to increase the brightness. At the moment, it is just the UI that I completed, as well as the resolution scaling, but I still have yet to save these options, or get the gamma slider to work, which is what I will be starting off with next week.

Clockwork Giants