Developer Update (Gold): Mark Croucher Week 4

With armageddon coming up this week, my priorities are to make sure both boss fights are in best shape possible for display, and that as much polish can be added in the leftover time.

Starting off with a necessary change to the way that the Boss 2 islands were created and coded, I remade all of them from scratch to better implement their movement and their inner workings with the new island tentacles. This managed to be a very taxing task taking up nearly two days, but it was long overdue. 

Next came a whole bunch of optimization. In the games current state, it was very unacceptable to show, as there were large amounts of lag causing the game to run at around 30-45 fps. Starting with the drones, I played around with their collisions making them bulkier and less expensive while still making sure that they worked the same. Additionally I played it smart and managed their collisions on the inside, toggling collisions when the drone didn't need them.
A lot of the optimization came from making the code smarter, removing badly coded functions and making things properly from code rather than from blueprints.

Over all, we were able to get the game back up to a nice smooth crisp 60 fps. Delicious.

Lastly this week was polish. I added a whole bunch of particle effects into the boss fights and abilities, as well as sounds, screen shake and other juicy assets which make the game feel better and better.

Clockwork Giants