Developer Update (Gold): Mark Croucher Week 3

We had a lot of play testing this week which was great. I was able to get a lot of information about the 'Terror Squid' boss fight which became very essential for it to evolve into a better and more balanced state.

A lot of values were changed in the terror squid to make try set the length of the fight to be close to the spider boss. This included hit multipliers, health values and damage values on components and also the bosses health.

One of the big tasks that involved both bosses, was making sure that every item in the game that can collide with a bullet, had functionality to take damage from the two new weapons. This included boss 1, its components, and its missiles. Boss 2, its mines, drones, and projectile absorber. Four items needed to also interact with them, being the Weapon 2 primary fire, and secondary fire which were both hit scan, and the Weapon 3 primary fire and secondary fire which both worked in a sphere cast.
It took quite a while to work out all the bugs and issues but after a lot of work, this was complete and things were starting to shape up. 

Other than generally fixing a whole bunch of bugs and issues. The only other thing that I managed to squeeze into the week was a new destructible wall, which now highlights red to teach players about the red outline mechanic which can be related to boss weak points.

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