Developer Update (Gold): Mark Croucher Week 1

The time for gold is finally here, and decisions need to be made about what we want to achieve over the next eight weeks.

Lets talk about the current state of the bosses!

The spider tank, or now known as the 'Howler' is very promising and has had the most effort put into it by far. The fight's mechanics are solid and with the help of play testing feedback, we feel that this boss is very close to being ready for shipping. For gold, my goal is to polish these bosses to the best of my ability, to make the experience unforgettable. 

This week, I have made the following changes and improvements to the Howler.

First of all, there has been a decent amount of number balancing on the health and damage values on the bosses armor. This makes it easier to knock off armor, but will overall make it a little harder to damage. This is done in hopes that players will sooner figure out the armor mechanic for this boss, and to give players that satisfying crunch of parting the armor from the tank's body.

The next order of business is related to the boss's abilities. It would appear that some state changes and abilities overlap and cut each other off. This happens mostly during the transition to lava phase, enrage phase and with cannon fire. Rejoice this is fixed, and the fight runs much more smoothly!

Speaking of interrupting abilities. We feel like this might be missing from our deadly spider tank. So we are testing out a stagger function where if the player deals a large burst of damage to the boss in a short amount of time, he will stagger and be interrupted from his current ability. Of course the stagger may only occur during moments in the fight that would not break the phase changes.


Now... the 'Discarded Host'. This boss was a rushed job, and we were barely able to fit this into the last moments of the Beta build. However this is not to say that the boss was a total failure. The current state of the discarded host has the majority of mechanics and has the structure for the boss fight we envision for the future. Though right now there are some big roadblocks for this vision. The first being the state of the island tentacles, and the combat tentacles. The second problem is finding a good reason the boss during phase 2, to want to destroy the islands attached to his tentacles. The original reason to this was to free his tentacles, and allow them to be used as combat tentacles. But finding how hard it has been to operate these tentacles this does not look to be possible. So instead we are going to try and make the ground as hostile and dangerous as possible. With some improvements to drone mines, toxic waste in the holes in the ground, and other hostilities, we hope that the islands become a bit more loved by the player.

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