Developer Blog (Gold): Chris Stone Week 1

This week was the first back after the break, and I was ready to get straight back into development, and after we outlined our goals I had a clear idea of what I wanted to achieve. The first thing was to fix the shipping build, because at the current stage there is an unknown bug that prevents the shipping build from getting past the main menu. I tried the whole day to research the bug and fix it, but to no avail. Unfortunately the problem seems to be to do with the save file, and yet there are no records of the same problem online, so I have not yet been able to fix it. It is not a problem during development because the problem doesn't show up, which makes it even more infuriating to debug. I have decided to put this issue aside for now.

The other thing I tried to do this week was to rework how the save and load system works and the structure of save files. This caused more problems. The way it worked before and works now is that every game save is a different file, which is not ideal. I believe most games have a single save file that contains the data for all game saves and any other save data the game might have. I tried to replicate this system, but there was a bug that arose out of this, where the game would crash when trying to load a game save with data in it. Without any data the game would load, but as soon as a game save was created, it could not be loaded without crashing. I tried replicating this bug in a new project, but could not. This leads me to believe that the problem is rooted deeper in the code, and that I may have to rework a lot of things for it to work properly.

I will have to revisit these problems later, perhaps in another week, but there are a couple of more pressing issues that need attending first, like the weapon reworks, so I will prioritize those next week, and then look to fix these bugs.

Clockwork Giants