Developer Update (Gold) : Simon Jiang - Week 3

The time is almost upon us! We are getting closer and closer to two big showcasing events: Armageddon Auckland and PAX Australia! With that in mind, we have been focusing on polishing our existing content, and getting the second boss ready for playtesting. I touched up a bit more of the squid's tentacles, making sure it doesn't damage the player after the motion has been completed, and also making sure the head animation is working properly. The other big task that has really made my brain tremble are the squid's island tentacles, 6 long tentacles that are attached to six sockets under the squid, and have ends that are stuck in an island. I have been trying to use cloth physics to make them animate naturally and fluidly, but have been running into issues. I simply cannot wrap my head around the issue, will definitely have to try some more next week.

Other than that, its just been more tweaking here and there. Shadows no longer pop in, brightness is no longer auto adjusted, the weapon drone no longer jitters, all nice little things to help improve the game. I've also been coordinating events and preparing for Armageddon (quite literally).

Clockwork Giants