Clockwork Giants - Developer Update #2

Hey there!

This week has been rather productive, there weren't too many distractions unlike last week. All of us were pretty happy to finally start focusing on getting work done, its honestly been a while since that last happened...

The model for the third boss is looking really good! It's almost complete (and will be finished off over the weekend) and will be ready for UVing, rigging and animating next week.

We've made more buildings to populate the level with two city block variants to really give off the feeling of a ruined city.

A few more of the third boss's abilities have been prototyped, namely the windslash and teleporting.

We've begun testing more of tutorial boss's functionality using placeholders.

Other than that, we spent the start of the week fixing a prevalent issue with the build, which we're happy to say went well. Here's hoping we can continue with our pace.

That's all for this week!

Clockwork Giants - Developer Update #1

From now on we will be doing weekly blog posts as a group instead of individually like we had been before. They will be handled by the community manager and will provide a nice, brief summary of our activities over the week. Feel free to leave us a comment if you have any questions and we will try answer it to the best of our ability! 

Finally being able to hunker down and start working on Introspect again after a lengthy while, we got straight into meetings and planning for the next 12 week stretch of development on the game. That took a good chunk of our development time sorting out, as did the many meetings and administrative stuff we had to take care of moving into our new (but actually old) office. As a result, we did not get to work on the game as much as we would have liked this week, but still we managed to produce decent results.

The third boss now has legs, hands, and a new set of arms!

We made new buildings to populate the background of our level.

Managed to prototype two abilities for the third boss.

Some other things we managed to do:

  • Completed prototyping the tutorial boss
  • Created a temporary arena for the tutorial boss
  • Touched up lore points
  • Created an APCI model
  • Became much more active on social media
  • Ran dev streams on Twitch

That's all for this week!

Developer Update (Gold): Mark Croucher Week 7

Things are coming to a close so we have to be very careful with anything we change, as it will likely be final. But some things need to be addressed regardless. Two major issues with the bosses have remained over the weeks that finally need dealing with.

Although there were already several patches and fixes. The spider tank still somehow manages to leave its arena (it comes back I promise). I am confidant that I have finally fixed this issue now, although some hard coding was required to set this change in stone.

The second major issue is that the blueprint code for the boss core management is a little bit iffy. And will sometimes not produce the correct particle, nor toggle an outline. This management function was redesigned from scratch to make sure that step by step, the issues were taken care of.

A small implementation was added to the ink that allows players to spam buttons to get themselves free of the ink faster. Ink now travels down the players body when they are stuck to show a visual indication of how long they are stuck for.

Developer Blog (Gold) - Chris Stone Week 7

This week was about half and half working on the game and working on documentation/our presentation for accelerator. On Monday I worked on a proper end game sequence, where the screen fades to black, a message displays saying "thank you for playing, more content coming soon", then shows our names as credits one by one. Once this is finished, the game returns to the main menu. This is triggered when the player enters the third boss arena.

On Tuesday I worked on my post mortem that we have to do for the personal submission part of the post production brief. It took me pretty much the whole day, but I managed to finish it. On this day I also worked on a small third boss cut-scene, using the unfinished model that we currently have. This is meant just as a teaser for players, so that they get excited about what's coming next in the game.

On Wednesday and Thursday we spent most of our time working on our presentation for the accelerator program, as we had to pitch our game to a panel of four judges, who will decide who gets into the program. We tried quite hard, using those two days to create a good presentation, and in the end I think we got it right. I was not there for the presentation on Friday because I had work, but from what I heard we did excellently, so I am very proud of the team.

Next week is the last week, and we have to submit everything by about half way through the week if I remember correctly. We have just a tiny bit more to do on the actual game itself, and then it's just the remaining documentation until we're all finished. Then we just have to wait until we hear back from accelerator to find out if we get to continue on with this game.

Developer Update (Gold): Simon Jiang - Week 7

This week I focused on improving the Squid Boss fight by making its tentacles more threatening, and also fix some known bugs with the fight. For the longest time, the tentacle's slam ability actually wasn't functioning properly. It would not collide with the ground and thus would dig into the ground, making it undamagable. This had to do with the tentacle's collision detection code, which has now been reworked to be more reliable. Both slam and stab abilities consistently damage the player now. The tentacles' range was also increased by lengthening it. However, doing this may have unintentionally broke some functions. I will have to look into it further next week.

A big part of this week was also working on our presentation for the accelerator programme. We will be pitching our game in front of a panel of industry professionals, and thus will need to prepare sufficiently for it. I will be the primary speaker during the pitch, with some assistance from Connor. Best of luck to us!

Developer Update (Gold): Mark Croucher Week 6

With Pax all done and dusted, its time to start looking at all the feedback we have accumulated over the past two weeks. Including what we have observed from players fighting each boss at Armageddon and Pax.

First off the squid abuse needs to stop. We have decided to increase the frequency of mines, and slightly increase their spread to better cover the floor. In addition, lightning traps produced by island tentacles now have a higher radius. Second of all, the terror squids tentacle weak points are too strong. The amount of damage they take is greatly reduced in second phase, and all other weak points are highlighted in the second phase.

While I was gone from the scene, many particle effects were made to add into the boss fights. The majority of these particles were for boss components, when they are destroyed and for when they already destroyed. Some of these required a bit of fidgeting to get the right location and rotation offset, but they all look real good now.


Developer Update Gold (Week6) Connor W

Week 6 was more of the same of last week. I continued to finish of the list of particle effects that needed to be done. I then replaced the mine model in the game to be more noticeable to the player. Near the end of the week I also created a splash image for our game (might redo at a later date), and then continued to do work on the 3rd boss.

 New mine with pulsing material.

New mine with pulsing material.

 Improved Howler lazer.

Improved Howler lazer.

 This is a particle system combined with a shader for the alternate fire on the Hornet, which absorbs damage and explodes with d=the pent up damage.

This is a particle system combined with a shader for the alternate fire on the Hornet, which absorbs damage and explodes with d=the pent up damage.

 The grenade launcher trail with the muzzle flash.

The grenade launcher trail with the muzzle flash.

 Introspect splash image.

Introspect splash image.

Developer Update Gold (Week6) Chris M.

This week saw a major focus on particle effects for myself and Connor. We worked together for a fair amount of them, bouncing ideas back and forth. I ended up creating several particle effects after a long and arduous learning curve. We also began working on the final bullet trail and shockwave for the cobalt and boss stomp respectively, but hit a wall in regards to those so they'll be tackled next week.

I think the hardest one for us was creating an effective water shader but I came up with something close to what we wanted after looking up a few tutorials online:

 I also made some death particles for various components which required several variations. I made  large and small version of both a cylindrical and spherical Particle System using the coursing electricity materiel we had.

I also made some death particles for various components which required several variations. I made  large and small version of both a cylindrical and spherical Particle System using the coursing electricity materiel we had.